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TOKAGEH has created a range of top-quality chef’s knives carefully crafted to offer the ultimate kitchen experience.


The TOKAGEH brand was established by a close-knit team of chefs, engineers and designers, all with a long-lasting passion for the culinary world.

From the very beginning it was clear to us that this brand’s fundamental values would be synonymous with those of the most basic kitchen tool – the kitchen knife.


The starting point for most cooking endeavors, the kitchen knife takes care of chopping, cutting, mincing, dicing, slicing, and much more.

While it might be considered an uninspiring and rudimentary item by some, preparing your favorite meals without a knife can be arduous and problematic. In short, the kitchen knife is essential.

The evolution of the chef’s knife

We like to think that, as with the kitchen knife, TOKAGEH makes your cooking experience that much easier and that much more enjoyable. We also believe that once you’ve tried a TOKAGEH knife, you’ll always think of it as a kitchen essential.


Chef’s knives have undergone significant evolution over the years. Today, these knives are no longer seen simply as a tool exclusively used by chefs. Instead, they have earned a place of honor in the kitchens of homemakers, cooking enthusiasts and would-be chefs alike.


Today’s knives are no longer judged merely on functionality either. Instead, design and appearance have become equally as important factors when it comes to choosing a knife.


In some ways, the meticulous attention to detail applied during the design stage has seen the process of crafting a knife become a work of art.


This shift towards functional and well-designed, good-looking knives - has been at the forefront of the development of TOKAGEH knives. Our product development is driven by the urge to create knifes that are of the highest quality yet truly unique.

TOKAGEH : A knife for life


Our range of knives follows a long and laborious journey into researching the Japanese knife industry, where you’ll find some of the most stunning knives around.


This research has given birth to what we believe is the most professional brand of chef’s knives available.


The tireless effort put in by our team has resulted in a set of chef’s knives that turns the process of slicing, dining and mincing into a truly exciting activity.


What’s more, by using the strongest materials we guarantee durability for years to come – a ‘knife for life.’


From now on, consider TOKAGEH your new sous-chef.

©2016 By TOKAGEH

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